AC AMC Service in Ahmedabad

Keep Your AC Running With Annual Service Plans

Let us take care of your Air Conditioner in the comfort of your home

An AMC gives you complete peace of mind from appliance breakdowns and helps you extend the life of the appliance. Regular maintenance minimizes the chances of your air conditioner breaking down and reduces repair expenses drastically. With regular services, you can also be sure of consistently getting cool, healthy air from your air conditioner.

Daksh Electronics Ahmedabad guarantees high quality service with a trained technician who will come to your doorstep. With no paperwork required, we will send a technician to your location within 48 hours of a request from you. You get complete peace of mind with Daksh Electronics’s Comprehensive AC AMC Service in Ahmedabad, which covers -

  • 2 Scheduled Maintenance Services a year
  • Unlimited Breakdown Support, which covers labour and service charges
  • Doorstep service, by a trained technician
  • Free gas charging and repair of gas leakage
  • Cost of spare parts, in case a part needs to be replaced

About AC AMC Service in Ambawadi, Ashram Road, Navrangpura, Ambawadi

Daksh Electronics is one of the leading AC AMC Service provider in Ahmedabad. We are offering AC AMC annual contract services. find the best AC AMC Service in Ahmedabad, AC AMC Service in Ambawadi, AC AMC Service in Ashram Road, AC AMC Service in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

AC AMC plans in Ahmedabad do not cover the following parts:

  • Cabinet of the outdoor unit
  • Remote handset
  • Painting of the unit at the top and bottom
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Rubber components
  • Plastic parts
  • Any styling decorative material and Front grill
  • Stabilizer

***Spare parts are covered under Comprehensive AMC in Ahmedabad, but not under Basic AMC.

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